Thrive – Headteacher Wellbeing Forum

Do you want to see your own vision for pupils fulfilled, not other peoples’? Do you want to lead an inspirational school without ruining your health? It can be different. We are a group of colleagues who share your high expectations of what can be achieved by pupils, but believe that the price you pay does not have to be your wellbeing. By taking part in the Llwydda Forum you will:

  • Understand your stress behaviours and learn to manage them
  • Take practical steps to take control when managing difficult people, the expectation of others and inspection
  • Renew your vision of what you can achieve in your headship
  • Form trusting, supporting relationships with colleagues
  • Extend your learning through regular meetings with peers


This is more than just a conference

By attending the three symposia and the small group meetings between each symposium you will work through principles of wellbeing that will have a lifelong impact. The feedback from headteachers attending this year’s course has been a testimony to the impact of this approach to wellbeing:

‘The day was the best CPD event I’ve had in years. Every headteacher, regardless of experience, should have that kind of training – inspirational’

‘Without question a very relevant and constructive course which provided us with a chance to think and obtain peer support and empathy’

‘All three days were excellent’

‘A real reminder of why I do, and love, the job’

‘I wish there were more!’

Whilst there are jobs that are equally important, there are no jobs more important to our society today than that of the headteacher. Your wellbeing is the key your effectiveness in this role. For the sake of yourself, your family, your staff, your pupils – don’t just survive, thrive (Llwydda)!