Fantastic Opportunities for Supply Teachers

Introteach requested by Caerphilly County Borough Council to work in Partnership with Caerphilly Music Service

Introteach are proud to announce that they are now working in partnership with Caerphilly Music Service to be the sole providers of Music Tutors in Caerphilly County Borough Council.

Introteach were approached at the beginning of the academic year and are now working in partnership with Caerphilly County Borough Council. We provide Music Tutors to cover teacher’s P.P.A. and peripatetic Music Tutors to teach a range of: woodwind, brass, strings and percussion instruments as well as voice and theory work, in small groups or to individual pupils. Feedback from our schools in C.C.B.C. has been outstanding; Introteach has been commended by C.C.B.C. for our high standards of Music teaching. For more information for schools or music tutors please register an interest on our website link in our main menu.


Introteach welcome new Consultant

Introteach are honoured to welcome our new consultant Colin Skinner former headteacher of Roath Park Primary in Cardiff. Colin Skinner retired as Headteacher of Roath Park Primary School in Cardiff in August 2018 to join the company. An experienced and award winning headteacher, in June, 2015 Colin was awarded the National Primary Headteacher of the year award and he is still working to support headteachers in times of difficulty focusing on their wellbeing and supporting school improvement. In 2003 Colin was awarded ESTYN team inspector status and he is currently an additional Inspector carrying out inspections in South Wales. As a result of Colin working with Introteach we are now working with 12 new primary schools in Cardiff. To arrange a meeting with Colin or to register as a supply teacher, please click on the website link in our main menu.