Cwestiynau a Ofynnir yn Aml

Why should I choose supply teaching?

Supply teaching, gives you the flexibility, to work as much, or as little as you like. You have the chance to work in a variety of different schools, and with a mix of different aged children from different backgrounds. Supply teaching, fully equips you, for when you start a full-time teaching job.

Will I be given plenty of work?

The work is there for you. Once we know your requirements, we will be able to supply you, with as much work as you need.

Will I have to travel far to get to work?

You will have a choice of schools, close to your home, and further afield. You can be selective, as to the distance that you wish to travel. You will receive travel expenses, if you have to travel beyond a certain distance.

What about pay?

You will be paid on a Friday,for the work that you did the previous week

Can I teach in the UK, even if I am qualified overseas?

To teach in the UK, you need to be registered as a teacher, and therefore, you will have to have completed your PGCE

Do I need to get another CRB check with you, if I already have one?

You will need to get another CRB check.

Why should I choose to work for your company, rather than another one?

Our company, is run for teachers, by teachers. We have strong contacts with a lot of schools. We look after our teachers, ensuring that there is good team work, between the school, us and you. We have a simple system for joining and for booking you for supply days. We are welcoming and friendly

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